Couture-inspired skincare for your lips

Discover the Parisian Beauty Secret: Where Chic Meets Science

“Monika Heiligmann Lip Care Atelier is the first and only science-led couture-inspired lip care brand, created to set a new standard in luxury lip care cosmetics”

— Monika, founder of Monika Heiligmann

Paris Beauty Secret Uncovered

Parisian women know it better than anyone else: beauty lies in detail. 

In the enchanting avenues of Paris, a profound understanding graces the essence of beauty - it lies in the subtle details, the understated elegance, and the effortless allure. Parisian women embrace this ethos, radiating beauty born from meticulous care.

An Ode to Modern Luxury: 

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Monaco and conceived amidst the creative energy of Paris, the narrative of Monika Heiligmann's lip care is a tribute to contemporary luxury. The story began with a vision to seamlessly blend nature's finest ingredients with the marvels of biotechnology. This vision breathed life into a collection of exquisitely crafted lip care products that defy traditional norms and push the boundaries of the industry.

A Holistic Approach to Lip Care and Confidence

Revealing your essence isn’t a question of makeup or fashion. Beauty and style arise from natural confidence. Our treatments don’t only ensure you look radiant, they make you feel empowered, assertive, and confidently feminine. Inside-out beauty is the purest form of luxury. This simple yet pioneering vision led us to craft a unique collection of transformative lip treatments to reveal, enhance, and durably protect the beauty of your lips.

Lip Atelier

Our lip atelier designs our beauty tools as true objects of desire. Surrounded by the vibrant aesthetic of Paris our Lip Care Atelier infuses unmistakable elegance and typical French flair into every Monika Heiligmann creation.

Perfect Lips Into Focus

Lips are so much more than a facial feature. They shape our appearance, they vibrate from the expression of who we are, and what we think. Through our lips’ shape and motions, we communicate who we are to the world. Lips are the utmost affirmation of one’s personality and desires and the incarnation of love and romance. 

Yet, no products deliver the perfect lip experience. Conventional lip balms, gloss, and lipsticks are formulated with microplastics that dry out the sensitive lips area. Monika Heiligmann’s mission is to create naturally-formulated rich lip products intended for clinics and beauty connoisseurs.

Avant-Garde Lip Care

Subject to oxidative stress, dryness, or invasive medical treatments, our lips deserve special care. Monika Heiligmann is the first and only lip specialist skincare brand. Our innovative doctor-led treatments are specially formulated for the delicate lip area to plump, perfect, and powerfully hydrate your lips.

Monika Heiligmann is your rendez-vous with perfected volumized lips.

Doctor-led Lip Treatments

Monika Heiligmann paves the way for new aesthetics standards. Several years of development and rigorous testing resulted in this state-of-the-art lip treatment collection. Our Lip Care Atelier partnered with leading cosmetologists and aesthetic doctors to craft avant-garde formulas powered by a biotechnological approach. Relying on a complex of potent actives and naturally derived ingredients, we harness the power of science to make clean beauty truly efficient. 

The rich texture of our cosmetics melts into the lip skin penetrating deeper dermis layers. Our lip treatments are designed to be used on their own at home or in clinics. Applied after fillers and injections they improve lips recovery while prolonging and enhancing the effect of your aesthetic treatment.

Our values


Perfection is timeless. We are pioneers of luxury lip cosmetics. Our cutting-edge formulas bring together pleasure and efficiency to boost lips volume, stimulate skin renewal and accelerate regeneration.


Potent synergies unleash the transformative power of actives and ingredients of natural origins. We are committed to complete transparency about our innovative formulas. All our products are cruelty-free, dermatologically tested, and formulated without any paraben or nanoparticles. 


We empower and celebrate unique expressions of aesthetic and individual character. We ensured our formulations work for every skin type and origin. We conduct panel tests with women representative of the beautiful mixed world we live in.